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Easy, Powerful and Reliable applications for Gaming Center, Cyber cafe management and Hotspot billing

Internet Cafe Software
by Antamedia

This is a complete package to secure, organize, and manage your Internet Cafe business. It does a lot of things necessary to Cybercafe owner: protects computers from unauthorized use, charges customers for computer usage depending on type of application used, accepts credit card payments from customers, tracks and limits (with a help of Bandwidth Manager) Internet data transfer preventing high bills for uncontrolled downloads, offers real time reports of computer usage, provides manual timers for consoles, billiard, cafe tables, etc.

With Antamedia Cyber Internet Cafe software you can easily manage customer accounts, setup security, charge POS items and get latest statistics, logs and detailed reports. Software offers all types of pricing schemes including price per hour, block pricing, scheduled pricing, bulk pricing, pre-paid, post-paid, 3 types of taxes, discounts, and separate prices for Internet, office and game usage for any of pricing methods.

Software offers many skins which are free of charge. Skins can be modified to suite your needs and match your cybercafe identity. Advanced options, like customer ordering from any computer, programs and games saved positions, etc increases customer confidence and provides comfort in usage.

Internet Cafe is easy, powerful and reliable Cyber Internet cafe software and gaming center software.


Increase your Cybercafe profit

Tight control of your employees, POS system that bills additional services, accept credit cards and offer automatic payment and signup. Various reports provides instant access to statistics, current stock. Save your time, money and effort !

Improve security

Once installed, your computers will be safe and protected. Limit access to windows desktop, drives, configure browser or run in shell for maximum protection.

Customer satisfaction

Fully customizable, tailored to customer needs. Offers stored profiles and save games

Free updates, excellent tech support

Constant improvement led us to Version 6 that includes many customer requests, new features, new look

Easy to use

Interent cafe software skins, including Vista skin Interent cafe software skins, including Vista skin
      Internet Cafe Software Server       Internet Cafe Software Client


Screen shoots includes various Client skins including Vista skin



Major advantage of Antamedia software

This is the only management system that can control Internet cafe computers and walk-in laptop customers. It's a pure software solution that doesn't force you to change existing hardware. As soon as you install and configure it, Internet Cafe software starts controlling your cafe, HotSpot software will take care of WiFi billing, and Bandwidth Manager will keep your bandwidth transfer in defined limits.


Antamedia Internet Cafe is world leading CyberCafe software

It's being used in more than 170 countries and it's offered in 30 different language translations.





Demo release of the software limited to 4 client computers. Demo is free for download


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